Opening Evening Reception

Come join us at an opening reception on Thursday, September 29 at Dawson College. This event will showcase multimedia exhibits and presentations which challenge us to reflect on the role of violence in our lives and the potential for nonviolence. This reception will be open to conference delegates, the Dawson community and special guests.

Details Obscurs: An Exhibit by Award-Winning Photojournalist Roger Lemoyne

Dawson’s Warren Flowers Gallery is hosting a retrospective of the work of award-winning Montreal photojournalist Roger Lemoyne. Mr. Lemoyne has worked in many of the world’s conflict zones – Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories, among others. The exhibit, entitled Details Obscurs, presents images that are powerful and disturbing, but also at times lyrical and touching.

Mr. Lemoyne seeks to capture the real costs of armed conflict with a primary focus on the victims of war, all too often left invisible by the mainstream media; however, whether his photographs depict war’s victims or perpetrators, they always challenge us to see the humanity behind the violence. The exhibit at Dawson Warren Flowers Gallery will be open during the entirety of the evening’s events, while Roger Lemoyne will be in the gallery between 5:00-5:30 to present his work. The exhibit will be open to the Montreal community during its opening hours from September 13 until October 1.

A Variety of Multimedia Exhibits and Pedagogical Presentations

A variety of other exhibits and presentations will also be on display during the evening’s events between 4:00 and 8:00. We invite you to the Atrium to see, among many others:

  • An exhibit from some of Dawson’s Illustration and Design Students, entitled Flower Power for the 21st Century
  • A collaborative project between our Fine Arts and Nursing Students on compassion
  • A community-based violence prevention initiative, Youth 4 Youth, developed by Dawson graduate Hayder Kadhim
  • A presentation of Chindai by a local group of elementary students
  • A performance by our professional theatre students of excerpts from The Laramie Project and The December Man
  • An anti-desensitization visual exploration of the violence in on-line news sources presented by Concordia University’s Danut Zbarcea
  • A presentation by McGill University’s Katherine Mikic on the sports for peace movement

Delegate Reception

Finally, between 5:00 and 7:00, we invite you to our Reception Hall to meet other conference speakers and delegates for some wine, hors d'oeuvres, and interesting conversation. All conference delegates will receive a free ticket for this event, while tickets are available through our conference registration site for anyone else who may be interested. You will also be able to pick up your registration packets during this evening’s events.