Conference News

News items on this page will be updated regularly. Check back often in the lead up to the conference.

Final Conference Program Now Available

A final conference program is now available on the schedule and program page. Scroll down to Conference At-A-Glance where you can download a PDF file.

Registration Now Open and Preliminary Program Available On-Line

We are pleased to announce that our registration is now open and a more detailed preliminary schedule of events, including speakers, workshops, and special events, is available on this site. We have received many interesting and varied proposals from throughout North America and a few from even further afield and the program delves into a stimulating diversity of themes. You can find information on conference fees on our Registration link where you can register on-line.

Day 2 Opening Panel Announced

We are pleased to announce the distinguished speakers who will open the second day of our conference by examining some of the ways to integrate violence prevention into the curriculum. Dr. Elizabeth Meyer of Concordia University will examine the problem of gendered harassment and look at how it can be addressed by transforming both school cultures and our pedagogy.  Dr. Jerzy Nowak, the founding director of the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention at Virginia Tech, will discuss the Center’s initiatives to promote peace and nonviolence through education and encourage collaboration between the applied and fundamental sciences and the humanities. Karen Ridd, who has won numerous awards for her work in the area of nonviolence throughout North America and abroad, will examine how nonviolent practices can be incorporated into the classroom to promote a participatory learning community.

Distinguished Keynote Speakers Confirmed

We are pleased to confirm that Dr. James Gilligan, Lt. Col. David Grossman and Barbara Coloroso will be keynote speakers at our conference.

  • Barbara Coloroso is an internationally known author of several best-selling books and an expert in the areas of bullying, violence, conflict resolution, teaching and parenting.
  • James Gilligan is a professor of psychiatry at New York University and former Director of Mental Health and Violence Prevention Services in the Massachusetts prison system, where he developed insights on the deep psychological and social roots of violence.
  • David Grossman is a former West Point professor of psychology and military science and a Pulitzer-nominated author and leading critic of the normalization of violence in our culture.

For more information on the speakers, click here.