Faces and Transitions, Warren G. Flowers Gallery

Sefi Amir, Ilga Leimanis, Krist Ropeleski, Shelley Reeves all images copyright 2005 Dawson College Fine Arts Department, Montreal


Organised and curated by Giuseppe Di Leo for the

Warren G. Flowers Gallery

Thank you to all the people who generously contributed to the event:

The invited artists:

Sefi Amir
Ilga Leimanis
Shelley Reeves
Kristi Ropeleski


The Velan Foundation
Julianna Joos, Chairperson, Fine Arts Department
The Office of the Director General

February 23 to March 12, 2005

Warren G. Flowers Gallery
4001, de Maisonneuve
Montreal, Quebec
H3Z 3G4

Catalogue and introduction: Andres Manniste
Website by Andres Manniste



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