faces and transitions: paintings by Sefi Amir, Ilga Leimanis, Shelley Reeves and Kristi Ropelesk

Warren G. Flowers Gallery
February 23 to March 12, 2005



Sefi Amir (left)
Tony and Chloe, 2002
acrylic on arches paper
245 x 130 cm

Kristi Ropeleski ( top)
Panic in blue, 2004
oil on canvas, 91 X 122 cm

Shelley Reeves (right)
The Scottish Widow: Portrait of Ruth, 2000
oil on board, 2 panels, 60 X 40 cm each

Ilga Leimanis (bottom centre)
Jersey City II, 2001
oil on canvas
diptych, 143 X 114.5 cm each panel

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